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2010 Austin Conference
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National Conference
October 4-6, Austin, Texas
AT&T Conference Center

ARCSA would like to take this opportunity to thank our Platinum Sponsors
and to make available the Conference presentations to our Conference attendees.
It was a very successful conference, and we thank you for your roles in its success.

Below is the list of speakers and their biographies.
If you click on the speakers' names below,
you will be linked to their presentations.

ARCSA Conference Platinum Sponsors

Keynote Peter Beattie - Overview of Australia's Drought Management Program - The Honourable Peter Beattie is Queensland’s Trade and Investment Commissioner for the Americas. He was Premier (Governor) of the state of Queensland from June 1998 to September 2007. As Premier his key strategy was to turn Queensland into Australia’s Smart State by refocusing the education system, skilling the workforce, encouraging research and development and creating thousands of long-term, new-age jobs in high tech industries such as biotechnology, information technology and aviation.

In 2005, Queensland faced its worst drought in 100 years. Taking bold steps to reduce water consumption, develop infrastructure and manage resources effectively, the Queensland government accomplished things previously thought unthinkable to combat the water crisis.

Mr. Beattie’s interests include economics and trade development, biotechnology, aerospace, international relations and creative industries such as music, photography and architecture. He is a keen walker and the author of three books: the autobiographical In the Arena and Making a Difference (2006) and a thriller, The Year of the Dangerous Ones.

Bob Boulware - Update on Codes - Bob is 2009-2010 President of ARCSA and President of Design-Aire Engineering, a Mechanical/Electrical Consulting Engineering firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. He received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and his Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University. He is a 30+ year member of ASHRAE; past president of the Central Indiana Chapter of American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) and serves on their research committee authoring the National Design Standard for Rainwater Catchment. Bob is also the Northeast Region Representative for ARCSA and an ARCSA Accredited Rainwater Systems Design Professional. Bob is also a registered Professional Engineer in 14 states and the US Virgin Islands.

Dr. Peter Coombes - Urban Planning and Water Quality Using Rainwater

David Crawford - Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Case Study -In 2000, David Crawford put his 22 years experience in healthcare consulting, marketing, sales, and residential/commercial construction into a new company he named Rain Water System, Inc. His vision was to form a company that would address rain water conservation and management, and sustainable water applications and practices. Today that company, now known as Rainwater Management Solutions - provides design, consulting, and engineering solutions for rain water and storm water management to commercial and residential developers, engineering, architectural firms, and professionals in the agricultural field. RMS has become the largest Wisy dealer in the world and proudly promotes a healthy four step system for commercial and Residential rainwater harvesting. Dave received his BS in Economics and Accounting from Mars Hill College in 1976. He has since published numerous articles on water conservation and water sustainability issues.

Kathy M. DeBusk - University Research

Craig Evans - Research on Bacterial Populations within Domestic Rainwater - Craig has recently completed a PhD on the microbiology of harvested rainwater, at the University of Newcastle, Australia. His research interests include water quality and contamination source tracking, the distribution of micro-organisms in the environment, and relationships between microbial community structure and ecosystem function. His PhD research was the first to provide both a comprehensive phylogenetic assessment of bacterial populations in rainwater storages, and evidence of the potential significance of weather patterns and airborne micro-organisms to roof run-off quality. Craig has authored several publications and presented his findings at a number of international conferences.

Jeremy Delost - Successfully Running a RWH Business - Jeremy is the CEO and lead designer at Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Inc. He has been an advocate for the use of rainwater since 2001 and has been a professional in the rainwater industry since 2005. Jeremy is trained as a Certified Permaculture Designer and has a Master's Degree in Ecological Restoration. Jeremy's belief is that water is the key to ecological and human health and rainwater harvesting is the simplest and most ecologically sound way to increase the availability of pure water.

Nate Downey - Landscape Design iwth Catchment in Mind- Nate Downey has harvested rain professionally since 1992 when he founded Santa Fe Permaculture, an ecological landscape consultation, design, and installation firm. Since then, he has taught many water harvesting workshops through a wide variety of institutions. For over a decade, his monthly column, "Permaculture in Practice,” has appeared in the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Sunday ‘Real Estate Guide.’ The author of two new books, Harvest the Rain and Roof-Reliant Landscaping, Nate lives with his wife, kids, chickens, bunnies, bees, swales, cisterns, greywater system, and a thickly-mulched, high-desert garden full of fruit trees, berry bushes, culinary herbs, annual vegetables, and perennial flowers. He graduated from St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was certified in permaculture design by Bill Mollison in 1992.

Keynote Robert Glennon - Overview of Global Water Problem and Potential Solutions - Robert Glennon is the Morris K. Udall Professor of Law and Public Policy in the Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. A recipient of two National Science Foundation grants, he serves as Water Policy Advisor to Pima County, Arizona; as a member of American Rivers’ Science and Technical Advisory Committee; and as a commentator and analyst for various television and radio programs. He is also a Huffington Post blogger.

Glennon is the author of the highly-acclaimed Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America’s Fresh Waters (Island Press, 2002). His new book, Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What To Do About It, was published in April 2009. Since then, he has been a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Diane Rehm Show, C-SPAN2’s Book TV, and National Public Radio shows in New York City, Chicago, Phoenix, and Cleveland. He’s also published pieces in the Washington Post, the Arizona Republic, and the Arizona Daily Star. In 2009, his speaking schedule took him to Switzerland, Canada, and 17 U.S. states.

Glennon received a J.D. from Boston College Law School and an M.A. and Ph.D. in American History from Brandeis University. He is a member of the bars of Arizona and Massachusetts.

Drema Gross - Promoting RWH in Austin- Drema has 13 years of experience in environmental issues, including energy and water conservation. Ms. Gross holds a degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University, and is currently the Program Manager for the Austin Water Utility’s Conservation Division.

John Hammerstrom - Septic Tank Conversions - Current President of ARCSA. Graduate of Union College in Schenectady, New York; retired U.S. Navy Commander; former Engineering Test Pilot; retired international airline Captain; Uses sanitized rainwater from 7,500-gallon concrete cistern as primary potable, indoor source, while relegating utility water for non-potable uses. Authored water-utility rebate program, which reimbursed owners for new and refurbished cisterns, as well as for conversion of otherwise-abandoned septic tanks to rainwater cisterns for non-potable-only uses.

Richard Heinchen - Successfully Running a RWH Business

Michael T. Hicks - Commercial RWH System Case Study - Michael is an Associate with Scott&Goble Architects (SGA), an 89 person firm with offices in Tulsa, OK, Bentonville, AR, and Berkeley, CA. Michael is also an accredited professional for ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association). Michael’s 16 years’ experience with national retailers includes prototype development and maintenance, site adaptation, and sustainability initiatives. Since 2007, Mr. Hicks has been consulting with Walmart Stores, Inc. on water conservation efforts including investigating and implementing ways to decrease water consumption at stores in drought stricken regions of the country and investigating various rainwater harvesting systems.

Russ Jackson - Potable Water Challenges - Russ Jackson installed his first rainwater harvesting system in 2000 at a primary school in Cross Keys, Jamaica. After working in Jamaica, Russ owned his own rainwater harvesting installation firm in Decatur, GA. Russ is now Director of Sales at RainHarvest Systems. Russ is a LEED AP, ARCSA AP, and holds a BS in Industrial Design and a MS in Building Construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Richard Jennings - Control Systems for Commercial Installations- Richard Jennings is the principle of Earthwrights Designs and Dirtwrights Technologies. He has worked in the field of water reclamation since 1997. The Earthwrights’ specialty is planning, design, and project administration for sustainable moisture management systems. These systems combine water conservation, active and passive water harvesting, effluent recycling, and landscape ecology. Dirtwrights works to develop and maintain living soils by brewing and applying biological concentrations in support of the soil food web. All projects emphasize food, fiber, fuel, microclimates, habitat, resiliency and beauty.

Randy Kauk - Successfully Running a RWH Business - Randy Kauk has served as President of RainHarvest Systems since 2007. A seasoned veteran in the startup and venture capital market, Mr. Kauk has served in founding roles of more than a dozen successful companies including three companies which are publicly traded. Mr. Kauk’s interest in rainwater harvesting was born on a mission trip to South Africa where rainwater collection is the only source of water for daily life. His personal mission is to remove the barriers for widespread deployment of rainwater collection systems in the United States. Randy is an ARCSA Accredited Professional.

Jason Kerrigan - The US Rainwater Market, an Industry Study - Jason Kerrigan is 2009-2010 American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) Vice President. He has been actively serving on the board of ARCSA for 2 years. The first year being elected as Pacific/International Regional Representative, Jason worked to increase business membership; to be part of a successful conference committee at Santa Monica in 2008 and has be influential with the strategic direction of ARCSA. The second year, Jason was voted as the Vice President and is on a number of committees including Finance, Standards and Chairing Business Development. Jason has been working within the Rainwater industry for 2 years as an International Business Development Manager specializing setting up an Australian Rainwater Component Manufacturer within the USA. Jason has travelled extensively throughout the USA promoting the use of Rainwater Catchment. Jason is passionate about the Rainwater Industry and has a desire to see the international adoption of rainwater being used as a sole source or a supplementary source of water.

Billy Kniffen - What is the Impact If We All Had a Rainbarrel - Billy is a current ARCSA Board member and chair of the Education Committee. He is a Texas AgriLife Extension Service Water Resource Specialist with directed efforts towards rainwater catchment education and with statewide responsibilities. He serves as the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association national treasurer and as an Accredited Professional workshop presenter. He helped organize the Texas Rainwater Catchment Association and served as its first president in 2007-09. He received a BS from Abilene Christian College and MS from Tarleton State University. He and his wife Mary live in Menard in a home solely dependent on rainwater.

Dr. Mary Jo Kirisits - University Research Paper - Mary Jo is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After concluding a postdoctoral appointment at Northwestern University, she joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 2004. Her research interests include drinking water treatment processes and various aspects of the presence and activity of microorganisms in natural and engineered systems; she is particularly interested in microbial transformations of inorganic compounds in water, the quality of harvested rainwater, and the effect of nano-materials on microorganisms in engineered water systems.'

Dr. Hari Krishna, PE, PH - Achieving Preferred Laws and Incentives - Dr. Krishna founded ARCSA in 1994 and served as its President until 2005. He successfully organized the first two ARCSA conferences in 2003 and 2005. Dr. Krishna serves as the Vice President of the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA), based in Geneva, Switzerland. He was previously the Executive Vice President of IRCSA. Dr. Krishna was recently named as a Finalist for the 2010 State of Texas Environmental Excellence Award. Last year, the Texas Rainwater Catchment Association (TRCA) honored him with the Rainwater Harvesting Pioneer Award. Hari served as a Senior Engineer and Contract Manager at the Texas Water Development Board, and one of his valuable contributions is "The Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting”, a globally recognized publication. He served previously as the Director of the Virgin Islands Water Resources Institute. Hari earned a Ph.D. degree in Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer and a certified Professional Hydrologist.

Sarah Lawson What Roof Materials Work and Designing an Overflow System - Sarah's interest in water quality led to graduate research on the effects of sediment transport on shallow coastal systems on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. These shallow coastal waters are vital to the local economy, but have deteriorated significantly in the past 100 years. Since completing her PhD from the Department of Environmental Sciences at UVA, Sarah has worked for Rainwater Management Solutions applying scientific research and understanding to the design and development of rainwater harvesting systems.

Owen Leonard - Owen is CEO of OzoneTech, a company in the North West of Ireland that specializes in the use of ozone. An engineer by profession, Owen has worked with ozone for 20 years, using it to treat air, water, waste water and for washing and sanitizing vegetables. In 2004 Owen developed his RainSafe® process which is an engineered and packaged solution to treat rainwater to European drinking water standards. The process has a European patent granted and currently patent pending in America and Canada. Owen has been involved with ARCSA since 2009 and is their International Regional Rep for Europe.

Dennis Lye - Rainbarrels - Water Safety Concerns and Solutions - Dr. Lye has been monitoring the microbial quality of water resources for thirty years and has published numerous articles in scientific journals. He has served in a variety of positions in associations promoting rainwater collection in the United States as well as internationally. As a research microbiologist with the USEPA, Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment Research Division in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Lye is currently involved in the USEPA’s assessment of rainwater as a type of reclaimed water. His laboratory studies virulence potentials of microorganisms common to drinking water systems with an emphasis on animal models for risk assessment.

Danny Lytle - Implementing RWH Code - Challenges and Opportunities - Danny works for the City of Austin Water Department, Special Services Division. He has been an employee of the City for 13 years and is the Water Protection Supervisor. He is responsible for 6 Water Protection Specialists whose prime mission is to protect the cities potable water supply from contamination. All 7 water protection employees are IAPMO UPC Code certified, State Licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers, State Licensed Plumbing Inspectors, Danny and 5 of the 6 Specialists are State Licensed Master Plumbers. In addition members of the staff hold endorsements for Customer Service Inspections, Medical Gas Installation, holders of various levels of Water and Wastewater License, etc. Mr. Lytle had a second handout that may be of interest, and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Justin Mechell - Making Water Run Uphill and Sinple Sizing Calculations - Justin is an Extension Program Specialist in water resources and works as an agricultural engineer for the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. He develops and delivers training materials on issues concerning water quantity and quality, which includes rainwater harvesting, onsite wastewater treatment systems, drip irrigation, abandoned wells, agricultural and urban best management practices, groundwater conservation districts, and watershed protection planning. His masters degree research focused on rainwater harvesting first flush diverters and he is currently pursuing his PhD and is focusing on irrigation.

Keynote Vessela Monta - International Programs and Projects - Vessela Monta was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She finished her studies as a Civil Engineer achieving a Master of Science degree at the Higher Institute for Civil Engineering and Architecture of Sofia. Vessela Monta has had much experience as a Civil Engineer: she worked in Bulgaria for many years on building design projects; afterwards her profession led her to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From 1989 to 1999 she continued to practice as a Civil Engineer in Geneva, Switzerland.

After having finished postgraduate studies on International Projects Management, she started to work for the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance IRHA. During the last eight years she was involved in all IRHA’s activities: project implementation, training, awareness raising, networking and political work. Her main ambition is to reinforce the rainwater harvesting movement worldwide and to unify it, making it profitable for people, wildlife and nature. Ms Monta works for the establishment of national Rainwater Harvesting associations in a few countries and for the acceptance of rainwater management as a water resource at a high political level. Ms. Monta is the author of the Blue Schools programme, which is now spreading in many countries. Vessela Monta is the IRHA Executive Director.

Abigail Morrow - Reasearch on RWH Conveyance System Components on Quality of Rainwater - Abigail is currently completing her PhD on water quality aspects of rainwater harvesting systems, at The University of Newcastle. This research has a particular focus on the effects of different components of the rainwater harvesting system (including roofing, tank and plumbing materials) on organic and inorganic composition of roof-harvested rainwater. Abigail graduated with First Class Honours in 2006, upon completion of a research project on the effects of static magnetic fields on bacterial metabolism and DNA damage, and has an undergraduate degree in biotechnology. Abigail presented at both the 13th and 15th International Rainwater Catchment Systems conferences in Sydney (2007) and Kuala Lumpur (2009) respectively.

Doug Pushard - The US Rainwater Market, an Industry Study - Doug was the 2009-2010 Secretary for ARCSA and a Lifetime member. He is a retired senior software executive who worked for IBM, Compaq Computer, BMC Software and Harris Corporation in various roles including: CEO, VP/General Manager, VP of Corporate Development, and VP of Strategic and Operations. He has started three startups and currently serves on the Board of Directors of two software companies. Doug also founded over 10 years ago as a personal expression of his interest in the subject of rainwater catchment and water conservation. He has been published and featured in several magazines, including: ARCSA Quarterly Newsletter, New York Times, High Country News, Back Home, EcoStructure, Home Power, OnTap, Plenty, Santa Fe Magazine, Smart HomeOwner, SUN Monthly, Sustainable Taos, Water Today, Fox News, and others.

Daniel Ransom - Irrigation Best Practices - Daniel Ransom is the Water Conservation Manager for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His job duties include planning, policy, program development and implementation, data analysis, education, and outreach for the city’s water customers. Daniel authored a landscape irrigation standards manual with the intent to standardize sprinkler system design and installation for more efficient outdoor water use. In the thirteen years that Daniel has been with the city of Santa Fe, per capita use has dropped 40 percent from 168 gpcd to 100 gpcd. Daniel recently received an AA in Business Administration from Santa Fe Community College. Daniel is an ARCSA Accredited Professional and holds five certifications with the Irrigation Association; CLIA, CGIA, CID, CIC, and CAIS.

Representative Patrick Rose - State Representative Patrick Rose is serving his fourth term in the Texas House of Representatives representing District 45, which includes the Central Texas counties of Blanco, Caldwell and Hays. A leader known for his fierce independence, Rep. Rose has built a record of delivering results to the Texans he serves. During the most recent session, Rep. Rose passed 20 bills including legislation to promote small business, to encourage cost-saving measures and the availability of electronic textbooks in higher education, and to create a volunteer advocate program for elderly Texans. His work with House leadership also resulted in the passage of legislation extending the mid-size adjustment to Chapter 41 school districts such as Wimberley and Dripping Springs, and expanded career and technology educational opportunities for students across Texas. Rep Rose submitted a Rainwater Harvesting bill in last year's session and will submit another bill this year.

Alan Rossing - Potable Water Filtration Options - Alan attended Sam Houston State University. Has 26 years of industrial, commercial and residential water systems experience with Arrowhead Industrial Water, US Filter, Vivendi and Motorola. Has operated, maintained, installed and designed various large scale water systems that supported Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Semiconductors, Bottled Water Plants, Dialysis Sites, Universities, Mining Companies, etc. Is currently the Co-owner and Operations Manager of Lakota Water Company. Has designed and installed over 400 rainwater collection systems in the United States.

Benjamin Sojka - Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock - Benjamin is a partner in Rainwater Management Solutions and holds the position of Vice President of Design/Consulting. A graduate of The University of Virginia’s school of Architecture under the tenure of Dean William McDonough, Benjamin has assisted in the design and overseen construction of multiple McDonough projects. Still an active partner in the family cattle farm, Cliffdale, Benjamin’s agriculture background reinforces the common sense approach evident in all RMS designs and projects. Benjamin’s strong site work and utility background, which spans fifteen years, insures that RMS is able to take any project from conception to reality.

Dr. Bonnie Stump - University Research- Dr. Stump is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and Baylor College of Medicine. She is practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Pakistan, Congo, and Texas. She recently completed a residency in Occupational and Environmental medicine at UT Tyler, and a Masters degree in Environmental Science at Stephen F. Austin University. She currently lives in Georgetown and is building a house with a 10,000 gallon ferrocement rainwater tank for irrigation.

Mali Wagner - Septic Tank Conversions - Mali is a member of GLEE (Green Living and Energy Education) of Key West; She and her husband, Fran, successfully petitioned the Florida State Department of Health for the first-ever variance allowing conversion of "abandoned” septic tanks into cisterns to collect rainwater, and later, successfully lobbied the DOH to abolish the requirement that homeowners obtain a variance before such conversions.

Mike Warren Control Systems for Commercial Installations - Mike is the Product Manager at Watertronics Inc. With ten years in the water distribution, filtration, and control business Mike has personally designed over 1,800 water control systems and more than 200 water harvesting systems. Specializing in large scale commercial systems, Mike works daily with Architects, Engineers, Consultants, and Owners around the country providing education and engineering support for Watertronics’ Sky Harvester Water Conservation Systems. His systems have been published in Building Design & Construction Magazine and Water Efficiency Magazine. Mike currently serves on advisory committees for Greenroofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments (ASBE), and the American Rainwater Catchment Systems of America (ARCSA). Mike holds an AAS in Mechanical Design Engineering.

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