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2011 ARCSA Board of Directors Election FAQs
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1. I saw the notice about having a new electronic voting system? What is this and why do we not just use paper ballots the way we have always done it?
We are extending the privilege of voting for our Board of Directors to all of our Members who are eligible to vote. In the past, only those Members who attended our Annual Conference and Membership Meeting were able to cast a vote.

ARCSA invested in a new website and membership software that allows us to extend our reach to all of our members and provided additional services and benefits.

We welcome any suggestions on improving the services we provide to our Members. You can send us suggestions to or call us at (512) 617-6528.

2. I heard that we are having an election for our Board of Directors. How can I vote?
If you were an ARCSA Members as of August 15, 2011, you have four (4) options to cast your single ballot. The first is through ARCSA’s Electronic Voting System. Members with valid email addresses will be able to vote electronically beginning on September 6, 2011 through 11:00 PM CDT on September 27, 2011.

The second option is with a mail-in ballot for those Members who do not receive an electronic ballot. The mail-in ballot is due on or before September 28, 2011.

The third option is to cast your vote in person at the Annual Membership Meeting.

The fourth option is through the use of a Proxy Form if the Member is unable to attend the Annual Membership Meeting.

3. Can I use my iPhone to cast my vote?
The electronic voting system has not been designed or tested for use with smartphones and tablets. You may be able to access the ballot to vote but you may not be able to submit your vote or you could invalidate your vote. We recommend that you use your Windows or Mac computer to access the email and cast your vote in ARCSA‘s Electronic Voting system.

4. I received my ballot but I don’t know any of the people listed. Where can I find out more about them?
The biographies of the nominees for the Board of Directors are located on the ARCSA 2011 Annual Membership Meeting page in our Members Only section on the ARCSA website at

5. I tried to access the Members Only section of ARCSA’s website but I do not know my user name and password.
You can request your username and password on the Member Login page. You will need your email address to request your username and password. Please contact our office at or call us at (512) 617-6528 if you still need assistance.

6. Why do I need a different username and password to access the ARCSA electronic ballot than the one I use to access the ARCSA website?
We are using one of the security features of our software to maintain the integrity of the election. The assignment of a unique username and password allows us to track the member who is eligible to vote, received the email and casted a vote.

7. I received the ballot and there are more than 5 names listed. Can I vote for fewer than 5 of the nominees?
Each Member can vote for up to 5 of the nominees listed on the ballot. You may vote for fewer than 5 nominees but if you want to cast a vote, you must select as least 1 nominee for the Board of Directors.

8. I received the electronic ballot and and I am trying to vote for 6 of the nominees listed but the system will not allow me to submit my vote. How can I cast my vote for all of the nominees that I want to select?
There are only 5 open positions for the Board of Directors. You may only vote for 5 of the nominees listed.

9. My co-worker received his electronic ballot in an email. I have not seen any email from ARCSA about voting for the Board of Directors. How can I get a ballot?
Try checking your Junk Mail Folder to see if your email system classified our email as junk email. If you did not receive our email then we do not have a valid email address for you or you may not have been eligible to receive an electronic ballot.

Members whose membership were current on August 15, 2011, who have a valid email address on their profile in ARCSA’s website and have not elected to "opt-out” of mailing lists should have receive an electronic ballot.

If your membership is current and you elected to "opt-out” of mailing list, your ballot will be mailed to the address we have on file. If you do not receive as ballot in the mail by September 13, 2011, please contact our office at or at (512) 617 6528.

10. I receive my ballot in the mail but I accidently threw it away. How can I get a replacement ballot?
We cannot issue a replacement ballot. However, you can still cast your vote on the day of our election at our Annual Membership meeting after completing a provisional ballot request form indicating you have not previously voted on the ballot mailed to you.

11. Can I vote for more than 5 nominees listed on the paper ballot?
No. There are only 5 open positions for the Board of Directors. You may only vote for 5 of the nominees listed.

12. I opened the ARCSA electronic ballot but I did not complete the form because I was interrupted and I closed my browser. Can I still vote using the electronic ballot I received?
Yes, you can still vote. Simple click on the link in the email you received, enter your username and password as presented in the email and you are back into the ballot.

13. I’m concerned about the validity of computer-driven elections. What assurances do I have that human beings are in charge?
We have assigned Tisha Mackey, ARCSA’s Associate Executive Director, as the administrator of the electronic voting system. She is responsible for monitoring and conducting the election for ARCSA. She has been designated as the Election Representative for ARCSA. Questions or concerns about our election can be directed to

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