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Biographies of 2011 Director Nominees
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1.Ken Blair
Have put on talks and tours of RWH systems promoting rainwater harvesting in Washington State including San Juan County, Health Dept., King County health Dept. as a Arcsa Accredited designer/ installer. Have worked closely with both Counties to further promote RWH buy putting on actual tours of potable system in San Juan County. Which helped King County adopt new legislation allowing sole source potable use for single family dwellings recently. Provided Washington State Dept. of Ecology information on RWH in San Juan County that was useful in the 2009 water rights legislation. Have been a lifetime member of ARCSA since 2007

2. Bob Boulware
Mr. Boulware is past President of ARCSA, and for three years has served on the IAPMO Green Technology and the ICC Green Building Code Committees. His primary contribution has been bringing rainwater catchment to national recognition by helping in the development of standards for including rainwaer catchment and greywater in the national building codes, to include the IAPMO Green Plumbing Supplement, and the 2012 Editions of the Uniform Plumbing Code and International Green Building Code (IgCC).

He has promoted the topic of rainwater catchment at national symposiums as a presenter at the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) National Conference in Philadelphia, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) in Ontario California; and the National Green Prisons Symposium in Indianapolis.

This past June, he served on the IgCC Code Development Committee in Dallas for the last iteration of the regulations relating to rainwater catchment before final adaptation at the upcoming national conference in Phoenix this November.

Bob serves on the ASPE Research and Standards Committee and has been a member of the ARCSA Board of Directors since 2007.

3. John Hammerstrom
As your current President, I have volunteered a minimum of 120 hours monthly to ARCSA’s Mission. In the past year, I assembled 45 international organizations and wrote the "Joint Rainwater Harvesting Statement” released worldwide in nine languages on World Water Day; spearheaded drive that led to potable rainwater entry winning a Gold Medal in the largest international drinking-water competition; and engaged a volunteer world-class consultant leading to ARCSA’s long- and short-term goals. As ARCSA webmaster, I increased benefits to attract new and retain existing members by creating, editing, uploading & monitoring 190 new web pages, including substantial member-only content; 10 surveys including AP application, continuing education, workshop evaluations and member surveys; and all ARCSA workshop and conference event-registration web pages.

In addition, I enhanced our educational program by developing more cost-effective offerings and extending our reach through better use of the Internet. Finally, I led by example by traveling at my own expense to support workshops, to Washington DC meetings with EPA and DOE officials to promote RWH, and by donating personal photographs that are the ARCSA website image banners. ARCSA is at a crossroads and in need of strong, proven leadership. I would be honored to serve ARCSA for another term.

4.Jack Holmgreen
I have been a lifetime member of ARCSA since the very first public meeting in Austin in 1995 and have attended all but two conferences since then.

In February of this year, I represented seven labels of bottled rainwater at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition including two entries from ARCSA members. During that competition I promoted ARCSA with banners, press releases and postings on social sites and blogs. I also collected several contacts from people interested in joining our organization; all at no cost to ARCSA.

I am also a member of the Texas Rainwater Catchment Association and gave a presentation at their Conference in Kerrville this year. Through the years I have advised many individuals and companies to join ARCSA and the Texas Chapter both in person and through my website where I offer my e-book and ARCSA training schedules to email contacts expressing interest in rainwater harvesting.

5. Billy Kniffen
2007-11 ARCSA Education Coordinator, and lead instructor for the 200 level Accredited Professional educational workshops; assisted in the development of the AP test; designed the 100 level course; lead instructor of the Design/Construction Workshop; and serving on the 300 level Certified Professional program.
2007-10 ARCSA Board Director
2007-09 ARCSA Treasurer
2007-09 Texas Rainwater Catchment Association's first President
2005-07 ARCSA Regional Director

6. Charlee Myers
Been a business member for two years and also have talked to other professionals engaged in rainwater catchment systems design and installation about ARCSA, encouraging them to become members of the organization.

Gave two presentations at the 2009 ARCSA Conference in Decatur, GA on Commercial Rainwater catchment Systems and Potable Rainwater Catchment Systems.

Gave a presentation in 2006 at the Bioneers Conference in Taos, NM on Rainwater Harvesting.

7. Ramiro Ortiz
I have been a volunteer with ARCSA since 2007 and participated in developing the ARCSA education program, establishing the support infrastructure for our operations and have held various leadership roles within ARCSA.

I have served on the ARCSA Board of Directors since 2009 and held the offices of Corporate Secretary and Treasurer. I have actively participated in the ARCSA's Finance and Governance Committees as the Chair of these committees. I have worked to establish the management and operating framework for ARCSA through my volunteer efforts. I also served as a Regional Representative for the Central U.S. during the years 2007 and 2008.

I was able to design and implement ARCSA's new electronic voting system along with the help of the members from the Governance Committee. The new voting system allows our Members to participate in the election process without having to attend our Annual Membership Meeting.

8. Tim Pope
2001-2011 ARCSA lifetime Member
2001 Attended IRCSA (International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) Manheim, Germany I
2005 Conference chair, Seattle, Washington National Conference
2005-2007 ARCSA Vice President (appointed)
2007-2009 ARCSA President (elected)
2007 In partnership with Heather Kinkade, initiated accreditation training program. Taught first course.
2007 In partnership with Bob Boulware, initiated building code implementation with national code agencies
2007-2011 Instructor for 100 level workshops and 200 level accreditation workshops
October 2009-August 2010 Workshop Coordinator

9. Doug Pushard
I have been involved in ARCSA for about 5 years, serving on the BOD the last three years. I championed the Conference committee for 3 years (i.e. 2008-­‐2010) and been chair of the Membership Committee the last year. As chair of the conference committee, the conferences grew year over year in attendance and scope.

As chair of the Membership committee I have helped drive member benefits – a professionally produced members only quarterly newsletter; a monthly newsletter that now goes to more rainwater professional than ever; assisted the migration to a new website with our web master czar – John Hammerstrom; a first ever letter writing campaign to support a potable rainwater ordinance; as well as taught a Level 100 workshop and assisted in teaching a Level 200 workshop. I am also assisting Mike Ruck in building out the slides and handouts for the Level 100 Course.

10. Neal Shapiro
I got involved in ARCSA at the Southwest regional meeting in Tucson, 2006, because I was interested in combining rainwater harvesting strategies with my professional work at the City of Santa Monica in managing urban runoff pollution. Having been promoting onsite infiltration, and treat and release treatment systems, I realized that harvesting rainwater and stormwater for direct non-potable applications is the highest form of sustainability in runoff or watershed management, which is a key strategy in the city.

I continued on to the national conference in Hawai'i, 2007. With more enthusiasm, I assisted in organizing the 2008 national conference in Santa Monica. Due to a turn in the economy, I missed the 2009 event, but returned to Austin for the 2010 national conference. In 2009, I organized the first ra inwater harvesting expo for Southern California, where rainwater harvesting vendors attended to provide information and sales of equipment to residents. This event corresponded to a new city rebate program for retrofitted rainwater harvesting systems. In the 2010 expo, I added rainwater harvesting 100 and 200 level classes, which were both well attended. Also in 2010, I was a major force on a select committee to develop new legislation to promote rainwater/stormwater harvesting in California; in connection with effort, I produced a document of current major rainwater harvesting laws, policies and guidelines from around the country, now posted on the ARCSA website.

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